Antidote is a platform that fully automates arbitrage and allows you to earn up to 475% APR.
The company uses artificial intelligence technology for 24/7 arbitrage trading on dozens of exchanges and banks worldwide.
You do not need to learn arbitrage!
The system trades automatically and adds daily income to your account.
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Fernando Mezzomo is a legendary trader and the founder of the Antidote platform.
Award Best Trader
Best Trader in Latin America 2021
CEO Photo
Award Best Trader
Best EUR/JPY trader in the world

“We, people, have the right to any of our desires and dreams, however, alas, it often depends on our money, income and capital!“

Award Best Trader
Best Trader in Latin America 2021
Award Best Trader
Best EUR/JPY trader in the world
Project launch
November 21, 2023
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Have you already invested in cryptocurrencies but experienced high risks and losses due to market volatility?
Do you want to grow your capital but tired of constantly monitoring and analyzing charts?
Put yourself on autopilot with Antidote.
See other traders profiting while you are losing money?
Let the Antidote trading bot make money for you.
Are you a blogger looking for ways to monetize your audience?
Are you unsatisfied with existing affiliate programs?
Antidote's system is transparent and allows all members to make money.

To sign up:

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Receive an invitation from an Antidote member in the form of a personalized link.
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Fill in the registration form.
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Confirm your email.
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Make a deposit and start earning at Antidote!
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Right after registering, you will get full access to all of the platform's features.
Enter the amount and duration of your investment, click "Calculate" and find out how well your deposit will work!
Attention! The calculator is not a financial advice tool. Do not invest more than 10% of your income!
Daily reinvesting
You can reinvest the profit you earn because of the interest rate on your deposit and make more money
Count with fee
The fee for withdrawal is 5%
Per Day
0.9 %
Your Profit
  • Check list iconThe minimum amount of deposit and withdrawal is 0.3 BNB
  • Check list iconWithdraw the profit from interest rate is possible daily
  • Check list iconWithdraw deposit happens 14 days after your request
*this period, after which your profit will be equal to the deposit amount
Start To Earn
We offer the following rates:
0.3 - 2.99 BNB
$67 - $669
0,9% / Day
328.5% APRarrow
3 - 9.99 BNB
$670 - $2,239
1% / Day
365% APRarrow
10 - 99 BNB
$2,240 - $22,399
1,05% / Day
383% APRarrow
100 - 999 BNB
$22,400 - $223,999
1,09% / Day
397% APRarrow
1000+ BNB
From $224000 and above
1,3% / Day
475% APRarrow
+personal manager on Telegram and WhatsApp 24/7
Antidote in the media
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Antidote Partners

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Advantages of Antidote
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Complete automation of financial operations, where you watch the process and get richer
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No need to learn how to trade
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Ease of investing
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Minimum entry to the platform from 0.3 BNB
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Daily withdrawal
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From 0.9% to 1.3% per day, from 328.5% to 475% per year
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Withdrawal of the deposit after one month if you want to leave the project
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Transparency platform
Open Smart Contract
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Access to the closed community X, where you can: development, training, events worldwide, travel, and useful acquaintances.
Antidote is your key to stable income in any market conditions.
Earn from 328.5% to 475% APR without any effort.
Advantages of Antidote:
Process Automation
Full Automation of Arbitrage Operations
Process Automation image
Ease of Investing
Minimum entry of 0.3 BNB
Ease of Investing image
High Returns
328.5-475% APR
High Returns image
Daily Withdrawals
Withdrawal available every 24 hours
Daily Withdrawals image
Transparency of Transactions
Open Smart Contract
Transparency of Transactions image
Community X
Access to Closed Community
Community X image
Who are you?

For those new to the world of investing, Antidote is the perfect entry point.

You don't need in-depth knowledge of trading or finance — make an initial deposit, and the Antidote trading bot will start working for your profits in a fully automated mode.

You can track arbitrage trading results and income accrual daily in an easy-to-understand way. Start earning now, even without any investment experience!

Beginner image

Have you ever tried investing in stocks, bonds, or other traditional assets but struggled with volatility, difficulty selecting investments, and lacking time to analyze the market?

Switch to stable returns without headaches. Forget about manual management — Antidote will do it all for you.

Investor image

Have you ever tried trading independently, using different strategies, but not getting consistently positive results?

Let Antidote, a professional AI-based trading bot, handle trading for you. You can enjoy profits without having to open and close trades yourself.

Trader image

Are you an entrepreneur who wants to diversify your assets but is not ready to understand the intricacies of trading?

Antidote simplifies the investment process for you. You can easily and automatically increase the profitability of your company's free cash.

Entrepreneur image

Do you want to increase your income but are afraid to risk your savings and don't understand modern financial instruments?

Antidote is designed to be easy to use. You don't need any special knowledge — add funds and watch your income grow daily.

Enthusiast image

Are you a famous blogger, opinion leader, or just an active user of social networks? Join the Antidote Affiliate Program! You will be rewarded for attracting new members from your audience.

This is a great way to monetize your content and community. We will provide you with all the necessary materials and tools. Start earning your influence!

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FAQ Antidote
Our platform fully automates cryptocurrency and fiat arbitrage profits, allowing clients to receive a stable passive income, thus solving the problem of the complexity of earning on financial markets for people without professional skills.
This allows us to be independent from big capital and develop the product in the community's interest. The mission of our community is to manage and control the right share of the financial market, to introduce real artificial intelligence into the financial sector, to ensure transparency and accessibility of financial instruments to everyone regardless of status and capital, and to promote the ideas and meanings of the community.
The trading process is confidential, so short and long-term trades are used to complete transactions, which means third parties cannot use them.  The trading results, in the form of charges to your balance, are always displayed on your personal cabinet.
BNB provides the lowest commissions and high speed of transactions. In the future, we plan to expand the list of assets available for deposit.
The company regularly publishes reports on all transactions, revenue, and other relevant statistics. This allows you to track the performance of the platform.
The minimum amount to start is 0.3 BNB, with no limit on the maximum deposit amount. You can deposit any amount starting from 0.3 BNB without any restrictions.
The income is automatically credited to the user's deposit every day via a smart contract. The income is calculated by multiplying the deposit amount by a fixed yield percentage, the amount of which is determined by the size of your deposit:
  • 0.3-2.99BNB — 0.9% = 328.5% APR
  • 3-9.99BNB — 1% = 365% APR
  • 10-99 — 1.05% = 383% APR
  • 100-999BNB — 1.09% 397% APR
  • 1000BNB+ — 1.3% = 475% APR
For example, with a deposit of 1 BNB, the user will receive a daily income of 0.009 BNB. These funds will be added to the user's account balance within 24 hours of the previous deposit.

The User can withdraw the accumulated funds, including the initial deposit and accrued income, at any time.

Minimum withdrawal amount — 0.1 BNB

The withdrawal is made directly from the smart contract to the User's cryptocurrency wallet and is almost instantaneous, within a few minutes.

The user can also reinvest their income. In this case, the received funds are not withdrawn but automatically added to the amount of the User's deposit through a transaction from the smart contract. This allows us to maximize the amount of investment and income.

The User has the option to withdraw the accumulated funds, including the original deposit and accrued income, as follows:
Referral bonuses are available for withdrawal ten days after being credited. Referral Bonuses are automatically withdrawn on the 11th day after they are credited.

Deposit bonuses are available for immediate withdrawal at any time. The User can withdraw the accumulated earnings from the deposit at any time, and the funds will arrive within a few minutes.

To withdraw the main deposit amount, it is necessary to make a corresponding request in the personal locker by pressing the "Withdraw Deposit" button. After submitting such a request, the deposit and referral program interest will be stopped. The deposit becomes available for withdrawal 30 days after the request is submitted, and on the 31st day, it is automatically paid out.

Thus, a flexible system of payments is implemented, which allows the withdrawal of the accrued income and, if necessary, the main deposit amount with a short delay to ensure the system's liquidity. Withdrawals are made directly into the User's wallet as simply and conveniently as possible.

Access to the Antidote platform is only possible through an invitation link from an active user.

You can get a personalized link from an active member of the Antidote community. You can also fill out a special form to get on the waiting list.

After reviewing your application, the manager will send you a link that you can click to register and start working on the platform.

The website is for informational purposes only; the platform only accepts BNB and does not accept cash. The company is not responsible for transferring your money in cash.

The site is for informational purposes only; the platform accepts only BNB and does not accept cash. The company is not responsible for the transfer of your money in fiat.

Contact Us

We are here to answer all your questions and help you understand how the platform works! Our support is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.