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We use advanced technologies to make investment instruments understandable and accessible
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Antidote eliminates the main problem on the way to financial freedom — inequality of social classes. The platform destroys the old system of making money.
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Large investors and corporations manage most of the world's liquidity. Their profits are based on the planned volatility of the market and, as a consequence, on the losses of individual investors and companies that are not part of their circle.
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Access to this "club" is only possible if one has a large capital, family, or political connections, which reduces the chances of an ordinary person to zero.
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We are forming our global community, which will create and operate not only financially but also more influential opportunities in the dynamics of the modern world.
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Antidote aims to create social capital as an intellectual community united by common goals and financial freedom without relying on rank and elitist status.
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The principle of Antidote's work with platform clients is a win-win for both parties.
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Through the Antidote platform, you attract social capital through new users, and we increase your financial capital within the platform.

How the Antidote community solves user and platform problems?

Solutions from the Antidote community:
Customer problems:
  • Limited opportunities close iconLimited opportunities
  • Lack of connections and opportunities in elitist circles close iconLack of connections and opportunities in elitist circles
  • No support close iconNo support
  • Limited finances close iconLimited finances
  • Limited movement close iconLimited movement
  • Not understanding how to achieve a goal close iconNot understanding how to achieve a goal
  • Freedom of choice close iconFreedom of choice
  • Mutual support in the community close iconMutual support in the community
  • Financial growth close iconFinancial growth
  • Freedom of movement close iconFreedom of movement
  • Understanding how to reach a goal close iconUnderstanding how to reach a goal
  • Decreasing elitist pressure close iconDecreasing elitist pressure
  • Market transparency close iconMarket transparency
  • Equal opportunity close iconEqual opportunity
  • Strategy execution close iconStrategy execution
Corporate problems:
  • Pressure from elitist circles close iconPressure from elitist circles
  • Market manipulation close iconMarket manipulation
  • Limitation of possibilities close iconLimitation of possibilities
  • Inability to execute strategy close iconInability to execute strategy
Why Antidote is looking to expand?
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Increasing Resilience and Reliability
The more users, the more reliable the system
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Expanding Integration
Connect more exchanges and intermediaries
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Increasing Coverage
Reaching more financial markets
background of an iconImage for Increasing Liquidity
Increasing Liquidity
Increasing Liquidity Volumes
background of an iconImage for Risk Reduction
Risk Reduction
Minimize risk for each user
background of an iconImage for Increasing Stability of Income
Increasing Stability of Income
Ensuring the stability of returns
Technology: Antidote AI
Antidote AI
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Built on deep neural networks and transformer architecture to process large amounts of data and identify complex dependencies efficiently.
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Uses machine learning and deep learning — learns and optimizes its performance based on historical market data and executed trades.
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Analyzes real-time financial data streams from dozens of exchanges and liquid markets worldwide.
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Applies statistical, technical, and fundamental models to predict market trends and find arbitrage opportunities.
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Uses optimization techniques and multi-agent algorithms for efficient capital allocation and risk management.
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Manages the work of trading bots in 24/7 mode, sending them commands to open/close trades at optimal prices.
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Implemented with cloud-based data center technologies using hundreds of GPUs and TPUs for parallel computing.
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Has a modular architecture and open APIs for integration with external systems and exchanges.
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Regularly back-tested to minimize risk.

Further expansion

In the next stages we plan to expand arbitrage operations to other types of assets:

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Commodity arbitrage
Working on commodity markets (gold, oil, wheat, corn, etc.) opens fundamentally new opportunities for arbitrage transactions. We see great prospects in this direction and are working on expanding Antidote's capabilities.
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Equity arbitrage
Trading stocks, bonds, futures, and other exchange-traded instruments provide opportunities not only for additional income but also for hedging and risk diversification.

This will significantly expand the system's capabilities and create new sources of income for Antidote participants. In the future, we expect to arbitrage bundles of cryptocurrencies, company shares, and fiat.

Why did we choose arbitrage?

Arbitrage trading is the core business of Antidote. This strategy is based on profiting from the price difference of the same asset on different platforms and markets.
Advantages of Arbitrage Trading
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High and stable profitability
Due to the constant price differences, Arbitrage allows you to earn a stable income regardless of the general market conditions.
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Technology and Scalability
The arbitrage process can easily be fully automated using AI bots and scripts. This allows it to scale to any amount of capital without increasing labor costs.
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The arbitrage strategy is equally effective for cryptocurrencies, fiat currencies, stocks, bonds, gold, oil and other assets. This greatly expands your earning potential.
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Risk Reduction
Arbitrage avoids many of the risks associated with traditional trading. Transactions are opened and closed within seconds, eliminating both long-term market declines and lack of liquidity when closing positions.
Spatial Arbitrage

Bots scan multiple exchanges, picking up price differences in the same crypto asset.

Spatial Arbitrage image
Cross-Border Arbitrage

The bot considers the time difference between exchanges in different time zones.

Cross-Border Arbitrage image
Statistical Arbitrage

We use mathematical models to identify short-term price anomalies.

Statistical Arbitrage image
The story behind the creation of Antidote

Over 20 years of experience in the financial industry led us to create Antidote. Over eight years, we worked through and tested hundreds of hypotheses and combinations before making our new AI.

How it all started:
Story by years
  • The CEO is introduced to scientists at the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology (HKUST) and Cambridge University in the UK to develop artificial intelligence.
  • AI testing with academics on crypto platforms
  • Collaboration with arbitrage teams and deep testing on large-cap stocks
  • Improve and test crypto bots on 20+ exchanges
  • Add currency arbitrage
  • Lobbying connections at the highest levels of the major banks: Bank of China/ HSBC/ Bank of Beijing/ BNP Paribas/ BBVA/ Woori Bank/ Qatar National Bank/ Emirates ENBD.
  • A favorable environment for the development of arbitration varieties (Spatial, Cross Border, and Statistical Arbitration) had a positive impact on the company's profits.
  • Establishing and growing Antidote in order to attract liquidity and build social capital in more than 100 countries worldwide.
  • On November 21, 2023, an event will take place that will transform the worlds of investment and financial markets.

Contact Us

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