Antidote X Community
We form our gated community where there is no room for restrictions and which solves the following problems for both parties:
For the client:
  • Not born into a wealthy status family
  • Lack of connections and opportunities in elitist circles
  • Have big life plans but lack adequate support from their environment
  • Financial and geographic constraints
  • No specialized education or understanding of how to achieve financial freedom
For the client
For Antidote:
  • Pressure from elitist communities
  • Manipulation of market rules
  • Lack of ability to promote global ideas
  • Realization of Mission and Strategy
For Antidote
The community's goals are to provide opportunities for development, great earnings, training, events worldwide, travel, and useful acquaintances.

How the Antidote X Community Solves Problems and Creates Opportunities?

Solutions from the Antidote community:
Customer problems:
  • Limited options close iconLimited options
  • No connections or support close iconNo connections or support
  • Financial constraints close iconFinancial constraints
  • Lack of understanding of how to achieve a goal close iconLack of understanding of how to achieve a goal
  • New possibilities close iconNew possibilities
  • Connections and support close iconConnections and support
  • Financial growth close iconFinancial growth
  • Freedom of movement close iconFreedom of movement
  • Understanding purpose close iconUnderstanding purpose
  • Releasing pressure close iconReleasing pressure
  • Market transparency close iconMarket transparency
  • Strategy execution close iconStrategy execution
Corporate problems:
  • Elitist pressure close iconElitist pressure
  • Market manipulation close iconMarket manipulation
  • Limited possibilities close iconLimited possibilities
  • Difficulties in implementing the strategy close iconDifficulties in implementing the strategy

Do you share our values and want to promote them with Antidote?

The Antidote Affiliate Program is an opportunity to join the global movement for financial justice and make money while helping others.

In creating the Antidote project, all current affiliate program models were analyzed to develop the best model based on the following parameters:

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We want our affiliates to be wealthy and successful
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We want YOU to get results fast
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We are interested in the mutual development of the club and the platform.

Attention! the profit percentage will decrease due to increased liquidity!
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Based on the results of our work, we are ready to offer Antidote partners the following conditions.

Affiliate Rewards System
0.3 BNB
Minimum deposit
0.1 BNB
Minimum withdrawal
Withdrawal fee
Remuneration is a one-time payment in the form of a fixed percentage of your partner's deposit:
Deposit Percentages imageDeposit Percentages image

Antidote affiliate program structure

The affiliate program is built on the principle of a multi-level system. Not only can you directly attract users, but you can also get paid from the participants they attract.
affiliate program

Important: Reward is accrued on the 11th day from the date of deposit and only for the partner's deposit. Reinvestment of profits is not taken into account. However, you will receive money for each new deposit this partner makes.

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